By codotype

We officially survived our first girls trip to Texas! And it was one to remember.

About a 3 months ago some girlfriends and I decided to make the trip to Waco, Texas. If we are being totally honest I don’t watch Fixer Upper very often, but like every other girl I am, of course a huge fan of Chip & Joanna! Making our way to Waco wasn’t exactly the easiest after flying into Dallas and making the hour and a half drive but, it was worth it!

Our Air B n B was the way to go. With a group of six girls it made the stay so comfortable. Our little house was the first one I came across and being within walking distance to Magnolia Market is what sold us on booking it. After our trip there though, we learned that if you book early enough, a majority of the air b n b’s are actually flips from the show! 

The first day in, we made our way over to the market. It was perfect because around 4:00 on a Thursday afternoon it was the smallest crowd we saw the entire weekend we were there. We were able to do some shopping, see the amazing market and get a plan together for the next day. Of course this being our first trip and going in November we got to see the magic that is Magnolia during the holidays.

There’s always a line outside the bakery. I mean always . Whether it’s first thing in the morning, 2:00 PM in the afternoon or right before closing there was never a line to get into the amazingness that is the Silos bakery.

Do yourself a favor when you make it into the bakery. Check out the bathroom. Weird suggestion but its the cutest wallpaper I’ve ever seen, and of course the subway tile is to die for.

Last stop in the market was the Seed & Supply. Super small and really crowded but if you have a green thumb – check it out!

Tips from our trip:

• Pack light. Everything I read before hand mentioned this, its true. Texas in November was still really hot and humid for us west coast girls and we ended up wearing dresses for a majority of it.

• Wear comfortable walking shoes. There is plenty of places to sit but wearing comfortable shoes is a must.

• Eat at the food trucks. The Cheddar box was AMAZING! Don’t miss it.

• Although its easy to get overwhelmed and want to buy everything at the market, keep in mind everything you see in the store is most likely online. If you see something you need, they have a fed ex station in the market for you to ship.

The Findry was a cute fun shop up the block, same theme as Magnolia.

The Backyard was fun for dinner and my girl friends said the drinks were delicious and cheap!

• Don’t forget to check out Harp Design Co. which is always featured on the show. The owners (I think) used to live next to the shop but its now an Air b n b available to rent out!

Be sure to come back see our trip to Austin I’ll share later this week (hopefully)