summer bucket list


By codotype

We live for summer time around here. To be honest, I do not know how other parents of young kids don’t. The winter months and days drag with so much energy and not a lot to do. So once the weather warms up, just enough to take the boys outside… we run! This year I want to spend as much time outside as we can, because we all seem to be much happier that way. We are very fortunate and have a backyard pool at my in -laws house that they keep heated all summer long and a few years ago they re-modeled the pool to have a large platform just a few feet from the surface of the water which makes it so fun for Dawson (and their cousins) to swim in.

Parker randomly taught himself how to swim last summer and although he’s not totally safe in the water without us in there with him, his swimming has come a long way and it burns all the energy, win win. I wanted to put together a bucket list for the summer and while I was thinking of fun ideas I realized we should put together a Reno version. Below are both lists, feel free to screen shot & save or print out to check-off all summer long!

And if you’re not local (or, even if you are) here is our overall summer bucket list!


Did I miss any must-do’s this summer? Let me know!