Mothers Day Re-Cap


By codotype

Happy Monday!

One of these days I will learn the in’s and outs on holidays. Particularly when both sides of the family live in the same town. It seems that no matter the holiday we are always running here or there. My very first mothers day a whole three years ago we thought it was a genius idea to have mothers day brunch at Gar Woods up in Tahoe. A colicky baby and a really tired set of new parents, not our smartest decision. And here we are, three years in – still running from place to place on holidays. Maybe the next holiday we will learn 😉

Our weekend was busy! But so fun nonetheless. As my last mothers day with just Parker I tried soaking up the day with him. Having him wake up at 6 in the morning.. not what I had in mind for a relaxing start to Mothers Day but I guess he just wanted to spend ALL day with his mom – huh? Lucky for him, his dad greeted me with coffee in bed and I was hand delivered some sweet gifts that he supposedly picked out all on his own!

After coffee in bed, and a few tears (thank you 2 – year – old molars) we raced down to my most favorite restaurant in Reno, The Stone House Cafe to meet my mom for brunch – it was amazing per usual and was perfect for a pre-nap meal with family. A 3 hour nap for both Parker and I before we finished the day at my in-laws for a back yard BBQ and you could almost feel the warm weather that felt like a tease of summertime. Hopefully sunny weather is in Reno’s near future.
I’m wrapping up Mothers Day with a little girls night to see the new “Mothers Day” movie with a fellow mama friend tonight, fingers crossed its as cute as the previews made it out to be.. and the candy and popcorn hit the spot 😉