Maternity Leave!


By codotype

The time has come that I’m officially starting my maternity leave in T-minus 6 days! (August 15th!)

I’ve mentioned on my instagram before that when I had Parker I worked right up till the day before he was born (not by choice necessarily, we actually found a typo on THE prettiest letterpress invitations I’ve ever designed – whoops!) I went into labor that night, had him the following evening and came home two days later. Of course, this was two years ago – when I was still learning boundaries of owning my own business and working from home, but I remember getting phone calls and emails from certain clients saying they needed changes, proofs and files RIGHT away. If you are not a mom, let me give you some in sight – 3 days post birthing a child .. not really when you feel your most alert and together. So this time, I told myself I would set a maternity leave date and a time to return (end of October currently.. maybe sooner? We will see).

Of course this ‘company’ being my other baby – I don’t know how long I will be away but I want to have the flexibility and not have the pressure of returning right away. So far, from returning customers and future clients – everyone seems to understand which makes even more grateful for the people who trust me with their work 🙂 It is definitely terrifying, especially when I work for myself. I have had thoughts of people forgetting about me, not thinking of using me, assuming I am closed and not taking new orders (which I am – new orders for future events (anything needing invitations past Oct. 31 – – please email me! That means all you 2017 brides, reserve your spot now — June and September are already filling up! 🙂

I was told by a dear friend (and super talented make-up artist) that the work put out by PLPCo. will speak for itself and people will return. Hopefully that is the case because I feel so blessed, and lucky to do what I do.

How about what you really came here for? Maternity photos! My ever so kind friend, Talia Ybarra Neckels came to our house and snapped some photos of our little family of 3.5. Talia has been doing photos for my husband and I since we got engaged, married, pregnant with Parker and more! She does such a wonderful job and I was so excited when she was up for snapping a few pictures at our house. ‘Cause lets be honest – this preggo lady is TIRED and that little toddler with the curls just isn’t as interested in photos as he once was, so having the room to hang out in our own home and backyard was perfect!

Talia was kind enough to snap a few photos of our little guys nursery as well – I’ll be sharing those sometime next week 🙂 Can’t wait for you all to see it. Its honestly the only room in our house that is not gray (insert emoji with the monkey who has his eyes covered 😉

Thank you for all the support and kind words through my entire pregnancy, it means the world!