Master Bedroom Re-do


By codotype

How many times can I talk about our master bedroom in 2019? The limit does not exist 😉 But really, we spend so much time in this room I really wanted it to feel cozy, and pretty. If you’ve been around for a while you know our master bedroom has a fireplace in it, which was one of the selling points when we first bought our house almost 4 years ago. After that point, I loved all the white and farmhouse style but the past few months I knew I wanted something darker..

After a few paint samples we decided to go with a dark teal/green color and I loved it! We went with Brooklyn by Behr. Jim had requested we keep the mirrors because we really do use them! The best part of our master bedroom make-over was a majority of the decor was everything we already had around our house. For years I had a window frame with a wreath hanging over our bed but getting away from the farmhouse style I wanted to replace it with something new. I spent a good portion of a day on a DIY weave & the internet confirmed it did not go with our new room ha….. So back to Target I went and when Dawson pointed out the cow portrait I was sold 😉 Now having the photo above our bed he continues to point to the cow so I’m chalking it up as a win win. Cute decor, cute happy kid. 

and finally… the before: I purposely put the “before” picture at the very end because its just so boring! In all honesty the rug is fairly new so imagine this room without the rug too.. so sad & plain.

area rug // blanket basket // pom pom blanket (from hobby lobby) similar here // black and white pillow // pink pillows (world market) // headboard // cow print // window mirrors // duvet cover // weighted blanket