Just A Little LOVE


By codotype

I’ve never been a big Valentines day person, mostly because it was always so awkward growing up BUT now that I know I’ll have a valentine (well, two actually) & I really enjoy it! No, not because of the gifts or the romantic parts, although those don’t hurt. But its a fun little holiday to bridge the holiday fun gap between Christmas and all that comes with spring.

At least here in Reno, where it is freezing —  Valentines day gives a fun little pick me up in the cold and dreary weather. Here are some of favorite treats my little family, and mostly me, are loving for this years love holiday.

Are you surprised a Rifle Paper Co. made the list? Yea, me neither. I’m planning to attack the kitchen with a toddler and thought these fun little watercolor food coloring cookies might be just the way.
And can we just take a minute to talk about the paper flowers on Valentines day that won’t die next week, or the week after, or the week after that?! The Lovely Ave kills it every time and these sweet paper flowers may or  may not have been hinted to my husband at least 3 times.