Insta Meet @ Sierra Water Gardens


By codotype

You know that feeling when you’re so excited, so wired, and so .. just excited about life? Thats me right now, which is why I am somehow seeing the clock at almost 11:00 PM on a wild Wednesday night. I just got home from an amazing, motivating and honestly hell-of-a good time at the McLernon & Co. Insta Meet up tonight at Sierra Water Gardens (AKA HEAVEN)! I love seeing people “in real life” even if I am so uncomfortable, feel so out of place and nervous to interact… I know it’s good for me to get out there, put myself out there and enjoy other creatives! Amanda asked me to design some signage for the event – how could I say no?!

I’ve had a few people ask about the next event that the McLernon & Co. team is putting on. I’m being told the next one will be in October, but to stay up-to-date on their events, join their facbeook group here for more info, along with awesome motivational posts and just overall friendly people.