holiday gift guide [for her]


By codotype


Alright Hubs, and my 3 friends – take notes 😉

  1. I found a pair of slip on vans a few years ago through someone on instagram and to this day they are some of my favorite shoes for fall, winter and spring.face
  2. Again with the winter apparel. If I’m going to be freezing for months, I’d rather be cold and cute … I’mma right?
  3. I am a sucker for putting on good music and getting work done at a coffee shop, but with Apples new headphone jack on the iPhones its been a pain. I found some super cute bluetooth headphones that solve all my problems, for the most part. I also love these, for a cheaper option.
  4. Am I even a stationary lover if I don’t include a planner for the New Year?
  5. We are headed to Maui shortly after Christmas so my plan of ‘get a custom bathing suit from Strange Bikinis‘ is still in full effect.
  6. Not necessarily for myself but I love these gift boxes for friends, family and co-workers (if I had co-workers). They are perfectly curated and put together so cute!
  7. I love a majority of the candles from Anthropologie. Keep a look out for their Black Friday sales for things like this, usually 30% off of everything.
  8. You know those deep, super romantic quotes you come across on pinterest in your late night scroll? An entire book of them!! One of my favorites. I also love this one.
  9. Shameless plug for another Steelers product 😉
  10. Anyone else way late on the Alex and Ani train? *raises hand slowly*