holiday gift guide [for the little ones!]


By codotype

Like most parents we went freaking nuts on Parker’s first Christmas. Over the years we’ve tried to stick to the motto of things they “want, need, wear & read”. Its helped keep us in check, grandparents on the other hand though are a different story.

  1. One of the coolest things we’ve found via social media was arvo kid watches. Both boys have one, and they are so cool! Parker has been obsessed with telling time, pointing to the numbers and the durability on these is worth every penny.
  2. When we found out we were having  second boy, the obsession for matching everything became real. Pair that up with our matching holiday pajama tradition and we’ve got some cute new holiday pajamas!
  3. I’m a sucker for soft clothing for the boys. Buttery soft fabric, made my an amazing mama – you won’t be disappointed in any of your purchases!
  4. Parkers pre-school teacher told us about these books and they are so cute and fun!
  5. I always laugh when we spend money on summer time stuff because Reno is cold 8 months out of the year. This year, we are spending so much time outside – I figure the boys need these 
  6. We purchased this sweatshirt for Nevada day during a flash sale and now I want to buy one for every small child we know because they are so soft and so nice in person!
  7. We snagged this jeep last month at Costco because the boys are obsessed with driving around their cars, but as Dawson gets older until he can reach the gas the squeeze into their little mini cooper is just a little too snug.
  8. We purchased this toy car for Parker on his first Christmas, and every Christmas since we gift it to friends and family. I don’t know what it is, but the kids love it!
  9. Is it really the holidays without holiday books?!
  10. Anyone else’s kids go through shoes like crazy? I have to be strategic about the shoe game because Parker has an obsession with certain shoes all. the. time.