holiday gift guide [for him]


By codotype

1. Every year we get my husband some sort of cologne. He is, and always has been a cologne guy. I also love this as a gift for my dad, brother or husband. (edit: my husband found my list for this post and thought he had spoiled his Christmas haha! Lucky for him I didn’t include some things 😉

2. I understand this might not apply to everyone, but when we took our trip to pittsburgh we came across the coolest shop with the coziest sweatshirts and tees.

3. If my husband is not at work, he’s in tennis shoes. We’ve learned the hard way that white shoes are not his friend. I love these gray ones to go with everything on the weekends and after work.

4. I love my iWatch – so hubs will too, right? 😉

5.We are a family that runs on cups, all day everyday and our yeti cups definitely hold up.

6. On the pricer side but this has been one of my favorite gifts. It matches a majority of his work attire and never goes out of style.

7.Taking the Apple watch from casual to fancy(er) I love this band to switch out

8.I’m not sure if I am getting this for my husband, or everyone else in my life. If you loved Cards Against Humanity, you will love this one too!

9. We’ve had an apple TV since we were dating (and couldn’t afford cable) – to this day it is still one of the greatest things we own, but of course is outdated after 8 years. An upgrade might be in our near future!

10. We take weekends very seriously, as well as our comfy attire – who doesn’t love a good pair of slippers?