Easter Basket Ideas


By codotype

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I have always loved Easter. Mostly because I think it means summer is getting closer! Every year I start looking for things to put in the boy’s baskets around March and last year I picked up these baskets from World Market. I’ve seen so many cute ideas for non-traditional Easter baskets that also work for baskets throughout the year. I also snagged little name tags for their baskets & loved how they looked. Heres our baskets last year: 

Truthfully they were a little too full so I need to remember not to get too crazy this year 😉

Some things I’ll put in them again, like the Meri Meri Surprise Heirloom Carrots (don’t purchase on amazon, the price is crazy! They have a ton at Marshalls and TJ maxx for $4 and are so cute! They’re full of stickers, Easter tattoos and the best part.. NOT candy!

Other things I’m including are this letter wooden puzzle for Parker who is OBSESSED with working on his letters,  a cute new book for Dawson & bunny pull toy –  and matching pajamas/sweats for the boys. I used to love holiday pajamas but other than Christmas I didn’t feel like they were getting enough wear out of them so I snagged these sweats for the boys from amazon that they can wear together, or separate and they’re so soft! In hopes to get summer here both boys will get a new bathing suit, sunglasses and outside chalk for when the weather finally warms up!