Gift Guide: For HER


By codotype

1.If you know me at all you know I qualify a good day as having a good nap. I wish I were kidding 😉 when I randomly came across this wearable blanket on amazon I knew it was moving up to number one on my christmas list. And I can pretty confidently say I dont think you’ll be seeing this on every gift guide 😉

2. Like so many others my hydroflask is attached to me almost all the time and because of that, its seen some better days. Time for an upgrade!

3. Sticking with the theme of ‘keep Sommer warm all winter long’ gimme all the cozy pullovers. Especially this one at such a good price!

4. Any of Anthropologies candles are a great gift in my book! They have these mini candles, but the big ones last so long too! Last year Anthropolgie had such a good deal on Black Friday – keep an eye out so you can stock up!

5. Still not totally sure if these are worth the price tag but as someone who religiously listens to (and hosts) podcasts, I figured they would be money well spent!

6. I’m still waiting for the day to come where ugg boots are ‘out of style’ – I’m so glad today is not that day 🙂 I throw on the short styles of these boots to basically go anywhere in the winter and it makes me look like I’m somewhat dressed but still warm 🙂

7. If you watched my stories on IG a few days ago you know I’ve been on the hunt for a good beanie – because hat hair just doesnt work for me 😉 After searching a lot of my favorites I finally found this one at under $6!