Gift Guide: For HIM


By codotype

Another year, another hard husband to shop for ūüėČ
1. Under Armor Jacket¬†¬†¬†I use to tease Jim for the weekend wear he would quickly change into everyday after work. Fast forward 10 years & the girl who lives in leggings isn’t poking fun anymore but actually stocking up during the holidays on his favorite comfortable clothes including this Under Armor Jacket thats light weight enough its not bulky, but warm enough for the always changing Reno weather.

2. Portable Charger  I will put this on every gift guide I will ever do, until the end of time. Ha! BUT REALLY. We love it, we use two of them and they are THE BEST. They charge SO dang quick & have 4+ charges to them!

3. Amazon Fire TV stick¬†¬†Honestly, we are big Apple TV fans. But at 50% off and under $25 we’re gonna give the good ‘ol Amazon Fire TV stick a shot this year!

4. FRIENDS trivia game  You bet I bought Jim a FRIENDS trivia game and you are also correct if its a gift for him, that I get to benefit from. Under $15 and the 1 review it does have, looks promising haha..

5. Cordless Vacuum¬†¬†If you’re new around here you might laugh at this gift but trust me, the man will love it. I’ve been trying to read up on which cordless vacuum is the best for the price and especially with black friday deals & steals its a tough one but I think we may have found a winner!

6. Slippers¬†¬†We’ve always been Ugg slipper people (I know, I know) but for the price & my recent Target slipper finds I think these might give Ugg’s a run for their money!