Friday Favorites : Welcome fall!


By codotype



  1. Last weekend we celebrated the first day of fall ( & our 6 year wedding anniversary, woo!) Of course the first day of fall, is cue for ‘bring on all the halloween-everything’ in our house! First up, traditional Halloween pajamas. I usually find cute holiday pajamas at gap, old navy or target but this year surprisingly Gymboree is stepping up their holiday Jammie game! I also loved these, and these for the boys! Don’t even get me started on how cute the girls pajamas are for halloween
  2. This year we started decorating a little earlier than normal. A majority of our house is black, white and gray so I needed a few pops of color. We displayed this Rifle Paper Co. card, as well as an older halloween print from Rifle Paper Co. and my new favorite print from Abbie Paulhus that says ‘you are magic‘ to go with the magic/halloween decorations! I’m definitely going to keep it up through Christmas in the black matting and white frame
  3. Some say its not their thing, but I cannot stop buying (and making in the same day) Trader Joes sweet potato gnocchi. It is so freaking good! I had a few replies on IG from people saying they’ll add in chicken sausage or mix with pesto sauce but I just cook these up, and eat them as is! MMMMmmm. I’m working on sharing our shopping list of all the best Trader Joe items we use in our home. I didnt realize how much we go-to from Tj’s but it’ll be up soon! I’d love to hear what you can’t live without from the best grocery store 🙂
  4. Gimmie all the cozy blankets! We’ve had so many people snuggle up with this blanket. I want to buy it for everyone! I found this one from Hobby Lobby and its just as cozy! 40% off too because its considered Christmas Decor.. go get it, you’ll thank me later 😉
  5. The best show of all time has returned. Need I say more?! Also, doesn’t hurt that they love the best team ever –  #gosteelers 😉