Trader Joe’s must haves


By codotype

I had full intentions of writing a quick little post to share all of our favorite Trader Joe items because they seriously make life so much easier! …. But then I went into the store to do our weekly shopping and snapped a few pictures of things we love and realized, I was taking a picture of almost everything on each aisle ha!

Rather than spamming you with the entire store that is the Reno Trader Joe’s I decided to break it down into sections of our go-tos!

Produce: each trip to TJ’s I never leave without:

• Strawberries (anyone else kids ALWAYS eat one kind of fruit but picky with all the rest?)

• Grapes

• Beets (I love these with TJ’s crumbled goat cheese) for lunch or dinner

• Bananas

• Hummus [any and all TJ hummus]

Coffee/household items:

• Cold Brew

• Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

• Seasonal hand soap

Frozen Food:

• Silver Dollar Pancakes

• Frozen French Toast [I make these for the boys in the morning with peanutbutter. I also had a sample of the frozen French toast at the store a few weeks ago – they put ham, jelly and powdered sugar on the sandwich to make it like Disneylands Monte Cristo sandwich!]

• Overnight chocolate croissants

• Frozen hashbrowns

• Mac N Cheese  + Mac N Cheese Pepperoni

• Sweet Potato Gnocchi

• Caramelized & Feta Bites

• Jasmine Rice

• Turkey Burgers

• Margherita Pizza

• Chicken Fried Rice

• Ice Cream chocolate chip sandwiches

• mini ice cream cones

• Chicken Potstickers

• Bibimbap Bowl


• Hard Boiled Eggs

• Tomato Soup

• Everything Bagel Seasoning

• mini bread rolls [perfect for kids lunches!]

• Crispy Bread

• Flowers (obviously)

• Cards

If you dont see something on these lists, and you love it – please share with me! I’m always looking for new items we haven’t tried because every recommendation the IG world has suggested, has been spot on!