Friday Favorites: Back again!


By codotype



1. I feel like more times than not, you see people on IG or Fb asking for “new show recommendations”. This is especially hard when you work from home, and need something – anything on in the background! I recently came across a show that is usually on Free Form but has a few seasons on Hulu called “The Bold Type” – I’m obsessed.

2. Are you sick of hearing about how obsessed I am with this woman!? No? Great! If you haven’t read (or listened to) Girl Wash Your Face, go now. After that, or even during – her podcast RISE or RISE TOGETHER bring me more motivation than my second coffee – I can’t stop listening!

3. New Nevada Logo #WLFR tees  + baby onesies were added to the shop! I shared a few other pieces on my stories yesterday, and have one more shipment coming in today! I can’t wait to add all the new items to the shop for you all!

4. A few weeks ago, I shared a coffee recipe that my mom-boss friend shared with me. If you missed it, here is what goes into this blended cup of heaven – the main ingredient, this amazing cold brew [don’t forget to add water or milk ;)] We also will do this cold brew, almond milk and vanilla over ice. So. Good.

5. After a year with the same iWatch band, a metal mesh type that picks up anything magnetic within a 10 mile radius I made the switch to this guy, and for under $7 I might buy all the colors!

What other kind of Friday Favorites would you like to see? Home favorites? Mom favorites? Let me know!