Nashville 2018


By codotype

We took our annual Nashville trip this past weekend and each time we go, we learn something new and are reminded why we don’t travel across the country with the boys very often haha…In all seriousness they actually did great. Parker didn’t sleep on either of flights and each time we flew we took off at 6 AM (if you do the math 6:00 AM in Nashville is 4 AM in Reno) so we are just a little happy be home and have the traveling behind us, for now. We learned so much about traveling with two kids this trip!

Somehow, someway on our first day in Nashville we checked into our air b n b and I took off with family to get a few errands done while the boys stayed back at the house and got out all their energy. Now that we have small kids we always make sure to stay in and air b n b vs. a hotel. It makes for such a more enjoyable trip and I swear Nashville has the best air b n b choices. All of the new modern homes are the cutest! We loved the house we chose this time, the area wasn’t the best but we were comfy and I’d recommend it to friends if you have a vehicle to get around town with.

I wasn’t sure what our plans were going to be during the weekend and wanted so badly to stop at Amelias Flower Truck it was my first stop after getting off the plane. Spoiler alert: I went 3 more times.. it was worth.

After a long trip the first day Jim and Dawson stayed back at the house and Parker and I went to dinner at Rock Bottom which is at the bottom of Broadway. its been one of the few places we always go to when we visit. Its pretty touristy and honestly not that great but they have good beer and a shrimp and grits plate that we love!

Our second day started with the Nevada Wolfpack game (one of the reasons we made the trip when we did) Last year when we went to Nashville it was freezing. This year, we felt like we were melting. Nevada played at the Vanderbilt stadium and as a parent with young kids this was the coolest stadium I have ever been to! They had what is called a “kids zone” which is a FENCED IN grass area with bounce houses, slides, games and directly next to the kid zone is a big screen with the game on for parents who aren’t in their seats. If someone could make a restaurant like this, that would be great! 😉

After the Nevada game, and a quick power nap we decided to explore East Nashville. It seems like this city is always growing! After a few IG recommendations for The Soda Parol we took the boys to get a sugar high and get out of the heat.

After ice cream we did some exploring around the farmers market and then back to the house to put the boys to bed with family and out to dinner & a parents night out we went! It was pretty cool to have other people from Reno in town at the same time (and having built in babysitters didn’t hurt either 😉 )

On our last night in town we realized we usually stay for 4 days. This year we were only there for 3 and it felt a little cut short. I think in the future the 4 day stay is the perfect amount. But we wanted to spend our last day checking off all our go-to places. The weather wasn’t the best on the last day with rain most of the morning and in the south the rain is HEAVY. In between the rain the boys played outside at Five Daughters Bakery and I know I’m going to donut hell for this but I don’t love their donuts.. EEK but the building is the cutest.

We always like to try one new place each trip we make and we tried a few this year which was so fun! We decided to try and beat the breakfast rush and have breakfast at Biscuit Love. I highly suggest the location in Hillsboro Village instead of in The Gulch – no line and way fast! I loved it! We ordered the bonuts, shrimp and grits and biscuits and gravy with coffee. The boys loved it, I loved it and its so cute!

Another Nashville trip in the books. Thanks for all of your amazing recommendations and if you haven’t been to Music City – put it on your bucket list!