Dawson turns FOUR!


By Sommer

Happy 4th birthday to our craziest, sweetest & wildest middle man. Dawson turned 4 yesterday, September 6. In the past, his birthday hasn’t always been over Labor Day weekend but this year it did. Because of everything going on in the world, we decided to do a very small backyard party with immediate family up in Graeagle, California. We spend a lot of time in Graeagle & decided to grab a few pizzas & salads and call it a day. I ordered an ice cream cake with Dawson’s favorite ice cream from Baskin Robbins & had them remove a majority of the standard decorations to keep it simple & match the party theme.

My sister-in-law got to re-live her sorority days and created the balloon arch for me out of the balloon pack I ordered from Momo Party. The balloon arch was actually from a race car themed back but I felt like it matched the colors perfectly. Surprisingly, I had a harder time than I thought finding modern party decorations for a train theme. Things were either too loud & bright or the theme was more race cars & tractors.

I ended up grabbing a $4 Kraft paper roll from Walmart & using that as the backdrop with the train track sign from Hobby Lobby (thank you 40% off coupon) Since the party was only family I wanted the kids to have something to do outside of playing outside so I grabbed this train set that each kid got to paint & Dawson got to keep a new train from his party!


Overall it was quick, simple & I think Dawson had the best time!