Classic All-American Wedding Invitations


By codotype

Happy June! Although, with this wedding suite I feel like we should be celebrating the 4th of July. Is it not the most perfect patriotic wedding suite you have ever seen? 

I met Lauren through a mutual friend that I have known since high school. The mutual friend was actually one of my very first clients and I appreciate her so much for trusting me years ago with her wedding invitations when I was just getting started (shout out to the people that believe in you). 

Lauren and John knew they wanted a classic suite, with simple lines and very American colors. We wanted to make sure we incorporated stripes and bow ties somewhere without making it an overkill or too busy. One thing I love more than a kind hearted bride (which Lauren is) is an organized bride. She made my job so easy and I think that helped in the overlook of the suite! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

 While still sticking to a classic theme, the envelope liners and belly bands made this suite totally customizable to the bride and groom. I tell clients all the time, yes there are many options for wedding stationary but having certain details can only come when working with a designer. I’m hoping John and Laurens guests are as impressed with these invitations as they are.

[As I was typing up this blog post I received this email from Lauren: Hey Sommer! I received the invites yesterday!

I am SO happy with them. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into making them perfect. It completely met my vision and I couldn’t be more excited to send them out!] 
Favorite part of the job 😉