back to school favorites!


By codotype

It’s fine, I’m fineeeee! Our oldest baby is headed to kindergarten in T-one week. As I’m writing this post he is spending his last day at pre-school where he spent 3 days a week for the last 2 years. I feel so fortunate that I was able to have him in a preschool/daycare part time and slightly anxious for how we will all adjust to a full-time schedule. The first year(ish) of daycare he spent in tears during drop-off because he was always so shy. Fast forward 2 years and this dude is READY!

A few back to school favorites and hopefully we (er, HE) will feel his best and ready to tackle the new school year!


  1. I am still adjusting to this life with  a 5 year old who acts 16 but the “cool” factor he puts into his favorite things, kills me a little. Lime green ANYTHING finds its way into his room and becomes an instant favorite. I wasn’t totally upset when he picked out this really cool backpack. I also loved this one, but decided on the green one for this school year.
  2. A kid after my own heart. The only shoe he likes other than a nike tennis shoe, and you know what? I’m okay with it!
  3. love these water bottles. We have a few styles, including the Camo one, the batman and a blue one they dont offer anymore but they’re marked down super cheap just in time for school!
  4. I have seen so many different Bento Boxes lately and the prices are crazy! We have 2 of these bento boxes for both the boys in blue and green and for under $10 they have lasted 2+ years. We’re going to keep using them because the lids stay clipped, things dont leak and they wash really easily!
  5. Finally, an upgrade to the lunchbox. We retired his old batman one this year and upgraded to this one! I love it and it fits the Bento box perfectly.

I also grabbed these pajamas for Parker as a special night-before-school present, and they are heavily soft! Cheers to the next few months if you’re starting a new adventure too!