A New 2017


By codotype

I figured there was no better time to dust off the ‘ol blog than for a 2017 goals post. I look back at the last year and the goals I set for not only myself but my business and even I, surprised myself. I accomplished a majority of the goals I set for this past year (open an Etsy shop, check – take an actual maternity leave, check check 😉 I thought if I could set goals for this upcoming year, hopefully I can reflect next December and have the same success.

Re-Vamp, Re-design, Re-laugh: 
A new look for prettylittlepapercompany.com. Truth be told I had my website made when I first started out in 2013. I purchased a site on Etsy.com, had a sweet girl throw together a template for me and wa-la 3.5 years later its still the same site. Don’t get me wrong, I like it – it works, people can see my work and contact me for designs but it seems a little outdated and with a growing 2017 year I hope a new site will bring more business and really illuminate the new styles and designs I have worked hard on in the past 2+ years.

Ask for help!
I cannot even beginning to describe how grateful I am to have a busy wedding season already beginning for the new year. With that said, being the only one behind the scenes of PLPCo. it gets really busy and really hard to wear all of the hats. I told my husband this wedding season, I’m asking for help – in the form of an intern! I interned for another local design company Ponderosa Pine Design when I was in college and it was such a good experience. I tend to want control over all aspects of my business but if I can spend a little extra time coaching someone through the steps of my little business, it would have a big reward for both myself and someone else 🙂

[PS: if you might be interested in interning with me, let me know! Send an email to: sommer@prettylittlepapercompany.com]

 I’ll be posting more on the internship position as wedding season approaches (late January/early February) 

Take better care of me
I don’t eat breakfast, I usually eat out for lunch and my sleep schedule is atrocious. I know part of it is working from home, having a newborn, and still trying to learn a new routine, but my “set hours” for work have run into the wee hours of the morning, my computer has been in one hand while my nursing baby in the other and this year I got the pleasure of having a nice big typo on a Christmas card (luckily it was for family, and she was so understanding). But if I’m going to be a mom, a business owner, a wife and a friend I’d like to be good at each of those roles and not give 50%. With that comes sacrifice, balance and taking time to be a healthier version of myself. I’d like to make more meals at home, get more rest and enjoy the time I spend with others not feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Finally, this is a goal I try and set for myself every year and that is to be more present. Putting the phone away, the social media scroll to a minimum and not feeling the need to post every detail of our lives. It is such a balancing act because 99% of my business is found because of social media. We post details of our lives are posted online to show family and friends who live far away – so here I am again at the end of the year hoping to put more time into those currently around me, keeping the phone out of my hands and the social media comparison in perspective 🙂

Hoping you have a happy & healthy New Year! Thanks for following along, reading and supporting – it means the world XO