2019 Resolutions


By codotype

Well, here we are. About 16 hours left in 2018 and all I can think of, is … “thank you, next” 😉

2018 was hard. Like really really hard. If you listened to my podcast episode last week over on The Reno Social, I talked about some things that went well, and others that crashed and burned in 2018. As we are headed into a new year I have a lot of goals. And, by saying ‘A lot of goals’ I hear “more ways to fail”. But, hopefully I will be writing a list of accomplished goals this time next year. I have been keeping a list of my goals on my phone in hopes to write this post to share with all of you and with my future self. Some of my goals are big, and others might seem small but I told myself I wasn’t going to hold back on my list because a goal is a goal! So, here we go!

Stop forcing things This applies to a lot of things in my life. I am going to try, with all my might to stop forcing things. What is meant to happen and meant to be, will be. This applies to friendships, relationships, clients etc. I feel like I have such an urge for people to like me, approve of me, want me, choose me that I force things so many times and it really isn’t good for me, or for the situation in which I am forcing. If someone does not want to be in my life, or to be my friend, then I need to let it go. If a client is unsure about hiring me for their design services, than do I really want to spend the time I have working, working for someone who isn’t totally sure I am a right fit for them? So number 1. Stop. Forcing. Things.

Be more organized I was telling some friends of mine last week that I have lost items for clients. Literally lost them. Whether or not a small 4 year old little boy came into my office and stole my envelopes (this has happened twice) or I just misplaced them, my lack of organization has caused me so much stress (and honestly money) that a little organization in the new year will go a long way!

Saying NO..  Man this has been a goal for years. Why do I feel guilty for saying no? Fact: People who love you, will still love you even if you say “no” to certain things. This applies for people saying no to me too! “If its not a hell yea, its a no” PLEASE let me be able to fulfill this goal. I can’t even imagine all the time, money, sleep and happiness I will save if I say no ha!

Self care! Jim and I went to dinner last night with a couple we’ve become very good friends with. The girl is a personal trainer (wears work out clothes for her career!) and was saying how after having her second child she really wants to “get her Beyonce back” haha… But its true! At least here in Reno, its so easy to throw on work out clothes, throw your hair up in a hat and go about your day! I told her how I want to have an accountability snap chat where we send each other pictures of ourselves everyday, showing that although we might not have gotten “dolled up” we did put in a little effort into self care for our appearance because when we put a little effort in, it goes a long way! The self care, for me personally goes beyond just getting dressed though. It includes eating real food, eating before I am past the point of starving. It includes not eating out as much (also a goal). It includes sleeping less (yes, less naps unfortunately 😉 ) It includes washing my hair more, finishing a book and staying off my phone more when my family is around. Holy crap thats a lot… pray for me 😉

Stop spending money on stuff we do not need. I’m lookin’ at you Target. Target, Starbucks and eating out as a whole seriously drains my money. I was telling my brother this morning (as we were ordering uber eats… *face palm*) I think part of the reason we eat out as much as we do is because growing up we never did, so it was a treat. And clearly I live by the “treat yo self” mentality now haha.. But really. Less spending money on random things and more money on big things that will last. Or, even better – experiences!

• This might go back up with self care but I really would love (and we need to) cook at home more. I have a friend who cooks at home probably 90% of their meals & it just seems to make their home seem so much more.. relaxing. Her pantry is always fully stocked, refrigerator full of everything and seems to make their days run smoother. We also (I’m looking at you Jim) need to eat more meals AT the dinner table. Anyone else with small kids eat in front of their tv or at the kitchen table more often than not? I hope so, or this just got really embarrassing haha..

Expand WLFR into other cities and other states. I love Reno and like Sam and I always say, Reno loves Reno. But I KNOW there has to be other cities with as much pride as ours. I am hoping to get the With Love line into other cities and states in 2019!

Get sponsorships for The Reno Social Podcast. We have worked so hard on this podcast. Sam has put so much time into figuring out how to even start a podcast. I am setting a goal to get sponsorship for our podcast in 2019 so that our hard work can be compensated while we work hard for our family of boys and spend the time and effort we do into our podcast and make it worth all of our hard work!

Stop gossiping. Eek, awkward to put this on my work/personal blog huh? Gossiping has bit me in the butt a few times in my life and its just not cool. I think growing up it was what I did to fill awkward silence but it just sucks. So, hopefully going into 2019 I can learn to keep my information to myself (or maybe I’ll share it with Dawson 😉

Let go of the mom guilt. I dont think this one will ever really go away. But I could make a longer list of things I feel guilty about, as a mom – than my list of how I can improve my self care. Ha. Workin’ on letting that mom guilt go as we go into the new year.

Less typos on printed designs. I really should keep this one to myself but I am human and mistakes happen. Unforutnely they seem to happen on the projects that are on a time crunch or, the client has already had a few other problems (not by my fault or in my control) Murphys Law I guess? But, no. more. typos! Woo!

Streamlining tasks. This includes, but is not limited to: Groceries, bill pay, emails for work, setting certain items up on amazon so I dont have to run out of, ah, toilet paper, paper towels! .. basically anything that can be streamlined to make things go smoother and quicker – I’m gonna work on that for the new year!

Hit 10k followers over on The Gram. Some people say numbers don’t matter – but they do. I spend a lot of time making photos for my PLPCo IG and guys, I want that 10k number! But I want 10k of people who WANT TO BE THERE. Not people who don’t care, not fake accounts.

Finally, learn to effectively parallel park. Laugh if you want but I barely got away with this on my drivers license test when I was 16.. I am now headed into my 30s and spend so much time driving around trying to find a parking spot that doesn’t require me to parallel park! I gotta learn.. this has gone on for far too long 😉


I do feel like listing out all these goals creates lots of areas where I am pointing out flaws both in my life and my work – and my year! So, before I leave you for 2018 – here is a look back and the crazy year that was 2018!