12 favorites in 12 months


By codotype

Disclaimer: I realize most of you are here for paper, but my other “job” in life is a mom – and when you work from home that job seems to be a balancing act with this other job – so, I always like to include details of both jobs here!

Dawson’s first birthday is just days away, which means we’ve gotten to love on him for 12 months! Although I wasn’t a first time mom when he was born I still had a lot to learn as far as motherhood. My first son, Parker was a hard baby. We had problems with nursing, sleeping, eating – you name it, Parker probably had trouble with it. Dawson however, seemed to have a smooth first year (knock on wood) and with that, these 12 things made that year go just a little smoother.

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I realize a few of these are “trendy” items, like the dock-a-tot and I can’t honestly say its made Dawson a great sleeper, or if he is one on his own but 12 months in and he still curls up with it when he sleeps. Other pieces (like the ergo, turtle night light, nest camera used as a baby monitor and the old fashion baby swing were Parkers and they were our go-to’s) If you have any life changing products for your baby, toddler… or yourself I would love to hear about them!