The Corner Barn


By codotype

If you are from Reno [or really, anywhere near Northern California] you’ve most likely been to a wedding at the Barn in Greaeagle, California. This wedding venue holds such a special place in my heart because this is where I tied the knot to my sweet husband almost four years ago! For the record this was pre-pinterest so you’ll have to excuse the decor 😉
I’ve done a handful of wedding invitations for couples getting married at this location, each having their own style and theme (mostly rustic). But when Robyn & Michael wanted more of a clean, classic look but still incorporate the barn I was so excited to start designing something fresh and new for this wedding venue.
I worked with a local graphic designer to illustrate the barn where the wedding is taking place. It turned out beautifully! We pass by this barn every time we visit Greaeagle (my in laws have a home there, so we visit often and are actually on our way up for the 4th of July holiday in t-minus 24 hours! Woo!) I usually print a majority of wedding invitations on a matte cardstock but to stick with the organic, neutral theme we printed on a linen textured paper and paired with kraft paper envelope. The soft neutral colors let the barn illustration and information really shine through.

I cannot wait to see how this wedding comes together. The Barn is such a blank canvas for any couple to say “I do” and with this couples style, and the help of Once Upon A Time Events – I know its going to be amazing!