Parker’s Big [Kid] Room!


By codotype

My (not so sweet) 3 year old celebrated his birthday this past weekend. Sometimes I feel like the past 3 years have flown by, while other days I check the clock to see only 3 minutes have gone by between the sassiness he shares with his dad and I .. Parker has never been one to crawl out of his crib – I probably could have kept him in there until his 16th birthday. However with the potty training, 3rd birthday and all the other excitement going on in our house we figured it was time to bring in the big guns (or, in this case – the big bed)

We decided to skip the toddler bed, the twin bed and go straight for the Queen size bed. Part of our reason was because my mom had an extra bed at her house so why not use what you have right? Parker had asked for a “Batman room” and not being one for strong, busy themes we compromised with a modern batman room with lots of black, white and his favorite color blue. Sticking with a more simple design we used small batman pieces throughout, illustrators both made by me and found online to give the room a big kid (but not too big or busy) look! Also, I told Dawson he is staying a baby forever – he giggled so I’m taking that as an agreement 😉