Nursery Inspiration For Baby Boy #2


By codotype

I decided at the beginning of 2016 that my blog would be dedicated to work but also to my personal life. I love sharing other details about my small little paper company, and while working from home the two meet more often than not. Today marks the start of week 23 into my pregnancy, and whether or not this little mister comes at 40 weeks – thats over half way done (insert dancing emoji lady here)

It might be the weather or the hormones but I have been on a cleaning rampage lately, wanting to clean out all areas of our house and included in that is our spare bedroom which will also be our sweet little mans room. I remember thinking after Parker was born “why do these new moms spend so much time, effort and money on these nurseries when the babies aren’t even in there for the first few months?!” And here I am pregnant again and getting so giddy and excited about his room. I think it just adds to the excitement that comes with expecting a new little human in your home.

When I put together Parkers room a whole two years ago I wanted things very clean, very pottery barn and very gray and white. I have a striped wall in his room (which I thought made me the coolest, most pinterest-y mom ever) and a gallery wall of different pieces.

For baby 2’s room I wanted to add a little more color with navy, mint and of course, signature gray.

I first took to pinterest and found some inspiration from some of these other fabulous mamas. I love this nursery so much, and also this room here. I think the theme is labeled as “woodland”? Although I loved all the masculine and neutral details I did want to add some color and other animals without it looking like the jungle book exploded in his room so I tell my husband the theme is “lions, tigers and bears” (also, side note; the way Parker says all of those animals lately will melt your heart) Of course this is just the mood board for now – the room itself is sitting dark and empty but I will be giving a little tour on here when its all finished – hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂