Parkers Big Kid Room 2.0 with Beddys Beds


By codotype

Last year (which seems like a lifetime ago) I shared¬†Parkers room after we took it from a monochromatic nursery, to a modern batman style toddler room. We had a spare queen bed from our guest bedroom before Dawson was born and used that bed for Parker after he moved out of a crib. It wasn’t a fail, but it also felt too big for the once little guy and just didn’t work out. Parker had been asking for bunkbeds for weeks and we found these old bunk beds in my in-laws attic from when Jim was a kid. We figured, its free – why not try them out. Turns out, they’re perfect. We have inserted these bumpers on both mattresses for safety and *knock on wood* we haven’t had any falls.

When we decided to make the change from queen bed to bunk bed, we had to get new bedding. We started with these bed sets from Target, which were great and held up. But anyone who has a small child will tell you if they don’t sleep sideways or sprawled out all over – are these even really sleeping? So more often than not, the bedding ended up on the ground or Parker woke up from being cold or missing his blankets. Enter: Beddys Beds. I came across these bed sets on IG (like everything else in my life ha) and knew it would be the BEST fit for Parker.

When explaining to my husband what Beddys Beds were, I told him it would be like a fitted sheet + sleep bag had a baby. Ha. But really, they fit around the mattress and zip up with thick, durable zippers on both sides. The bedding itself is cozy, quality material and comes in so many different color combos and patterns. I might jinx myself by saying this but Parker has been sleeping so much better. He zips himself up in the bedding at night, it stays up while he sleeps and when the morning comes he can “make” his own bed.

For the rest of his room we stuck with the same color scheme we’ve had going but added a few new pillows, blankets and carpet to make it a little cozier for him to make a mess in each day ūüėČ


The final touch to Parkers room, while still making it his style was this amazing piece from Macy Dee Design¬†Parker has always been my biggest fan for the WLFR line, and when Kelsey mentioned making it into a framed piece I was¬†so¬†excited! I think it turned out beautifully and all of her pieces are customizable which is the best for someone who can’t ever make up her mind!

WLFR Sign  (c/o)