FAQ’s and celebrating 2 years!


By codotype

Hopefully two years means new beginnings and exciting changes within this pretty little company. I’ve recently branched outside of the comfort zone that is my home office and started working from a little space in downtown Reno located on the edges of Midtown. I have learned so much these past two years. My designs, skills and creative cap has been expanded. My backbone and strong will is still needing some work but if we aren’t changing, we aren’t growing right? 


Recently I have been asked by both people locally and afar about how things work with PLPCo. Whether you’re interested in designing stationary, running a business or taking the leap of faith to start your own career based on your passion – these questions might help! 
“How did you get started with PLPCo?”
After graduating college my husband and I had our honeymoon planned for 4 months out, which was a 3 week trip around Europe. I figured no one would hire me, and then let me take 3 weeks vacation after just two months into a job. It was then that I decided to try and do freelance work with the time I had between our trip. I did some work for a graphic designer that so patiently let me intern for her in college (more on her later), and started designing mock wedding invitations and save the dates. The more I posted these “designs” the more people seemed to be interested in hiring me.  As word spread, friends and family began to hire me for different weddings or projects. Of course this wasn’t enough money to pay the bills, but it certainly helped to guide me in the direction I needed at the time. 
“I’m recently started college, but am unsure what to major in. What did you study and/or what is your degree in?”
I have an AA in graphic communications and a BA in advertising with a minor in psychology. (If you’re in the Reno area, I cannot say enough about the graphic design program at TMCC)
“Do you have any regrets with your business?”
Yup. Yes. Of course! My biggest regret is I wish I would have asked for more help. Ask questions, gather information, reach out to others who know about the field you are interested. Nothing is stupid or dumb, and more times than not people love to help others and share their knowledge. 
“Who inspires you?”
I have a few people I gain inspiration from. 
In college I was one year into the graphic design program, barely knowing how to even use a Mac computer and  was hired by a local book designer to intern for her. The trust and patience she practiced with me was incredible. She would stop her projects to help me, answer questions or fix my mistakes when I barely knew anything about design, or the softwares to execute it. I think an internship is something so valuable to any career path. 
My second inspiration is from a wedding coordinator and floral designer in Michigan. I have never met her, she has no idea who I am, and just like a majority of relationships in 2015 I found her via instagram. I have mentioned her before, but Rhiannon Bosse is the shit J
Finally, you may have noticed a few posts on instagram with a lovely Leader bag. My beautiful and talented cousin, Megan Nesher is one of the creative brains behind this incredible brand. I look up to her so much not only as a business owner, but as a mother. Keeping life balanced, positive and creative – she is someone I adore and try to follow in both business and in life.
“Did you know this is always what you wanted to do?”
Of course not. I was never the best designer, the most creative person in advertising, or exceptional at writing. I mentioned on instagram a few weeks ago, that my very first internship I applied for, I was told I “would never make it in the design world.”…. And maybe they were right. But the mix between the design world and the wedding community, makes me feel like I am exactly where I should be. I think hard work and a little luck have a lot to do with the outcome you find yourself in.
“What does your day to day look like?”
I laugh a little when I get this question because 2 years in, and my day is still changing each day. Most days, I start work around 8:30 – 9:00. I try to answer my emails before I even head into my office. I figure if I can answer emails before people get to work, by the time I get into my office they will have already replied and we are one step ahead of the game. 
Once I am in my office, I write down each project I am working on. A very smart and creative designer (who I love, add her to my list of inspirational people) recommends setting a goal for yourself of only a few projects a day so you can really focus and put effort into each project without getting overwhelmed. I try and prioritize each project that has a closer “due date’ if you will. Most of the day is spent designing, sending emails with proofs and altering current projects. 
I try to take time to eat breakfast or lunch and of course sneak an instagram picture in, here or there J
Still wondering about PLPCo? Feel free to send me an email!