tips for family photos


By codotype

Tis the season for all the family photos! This year, Sam & I are teaming up to offer a collaboration package for her mini session photo shoot and my holiday cards! [to see templates, click here] We did this collaboration last year and while we learned a lot, we also had a blast joining forces on a project other than a wedding!

Before Sam gets swamped with other holiday photos, I had arranged for her to come *try* to snap a few of my guys and I for our holiday card and you guys… she did not disappoint!

During the 45 minutes she was there (it took longer than a normal session because we like to talk ha!) I had a few thoughts on tips and tricks that helped our photos go just a little smoother!

  1. Book a photographer you can feel comfortable with. This is freaking HUGE in my book. Jim and I have worked with a few photographers this year for different projects and I cannot stress enough the difference it makes for everyone [kids and adults] to have a photographer you feel comfortable with. You can tell in our expressions and the photos – the difference between shooting with someone you don’t jive with and someone you don’t. This is the second year we’ve done holiday photos with Sam and both my boys love her!
  2. No hangry family members. If photos aren’t near a meal time bring snacks, make sure bellies are full and bring clear liquids for thirsty kids!
  3. Don’t have too high of exceptions. I think the photos that turn out the best for our family are the ones where we aren’t too stressed about how it actually looks. That being said we did jump, shout and do basically anything to get that ONE photo of everyone looking.
  4. Plan your outfits ahead of time. Every year I noticed our photos have the same color scheme. Blues, grays and whites. This year I wanted something different but colors that still went with our home for when pictures are printed and framed.
  5. Remember you don’t need a million photos for your holiday cards. One or two of everyone looking, or even candid ones will do the drink for your holiday cards! And you most likely won’t be framing numerous photos of the same photoshoot so remember that a few golden shots are all you need!
  6. Have fun! Towards the end of our shoot Dawson grabbed the hat I had on earlier in the evening and the photos Sam snapped are some of my favorites!



Sam has a few remaining spots for 2018 holiday mini-sessions if you’re still interested! Click here to book!