End of Summer Favorites


By codotype


Quick disclaimer: whatever choice you are making for you and your family this coming school year is the best choice for you! With that being said here are some of our favorite items we’re using & loving in our house for this upcoming school year 🙂

  1. If you watch stories over on Instagram you know Target came out with the softest & cutest tees (for kids & adults) .. and of course we are still on the tie dye loving train over here! We also LOVE LOVE LOVE these sweatshirts for kids & toddlers!
  2. We also LOVE our masks from AB Photo Reno, we have a variety of them & the quality cannot be beat. We also grabbed these to keep in the car & extras in the boys’ backpacks. We’re anticipating a lot of lost masks this year & at 5 masks for $12.50 we’re ok with keeping these as back-ups.
  3. We’ve had this white board in my office for about 2 years now and love it. We also have this one in our kitchen so we can see a total look at the month. This weekly board is super helpful to keep things like dinner ideas, evening activities, therapy appts and anything else organized. We also love using these marks, each color for a certain person so we can see what Parker has going each week, Dawson & the rest of our family! 🙂
  4. What is a new school year/season without a new planner?! This one is so so good for a great price. I grabbed this one & like it pretty well so far. I have to have a planner that shows the month overall so I can keep things organized. Can you see a trend here…. hashtag: must stay organized. I also love this planner & this one if you need more ideas!
  5. Name labels: We love these. They are waterproof and iron on. We put them on the boys water bottles, inside their jackets & backpacks. I’m also going to iron them on the inside of their masks so if they get lost they have their name on them. Oh! and theyre washable!
  6. My top favorite toy/gift/learning tool. We use this puzzle with both boys currently. The colors are so cute & it is perfect for colors, matching, counting and fine motor skills!

Here is to a happy & safe end of summer to you all! 🙂