Hospital Bag


I still laugh at the first bag I ever packed 6 years ago for the hospital. I brought my entire house. I made a playlist, and brought a bag of coins for the vending machine for Jim to use (you know, because in 2014 vending machines clearly weren’t taking debit cards yet (I’m kidding) The third time around we’ve downsized for baby, mom and everyone involved ūüėā ¬†Here is what we’re bringing this time:

  1. Baby Blanket
  2. Toiletry Bag 
  3. Carseat Canopy 
  4. Pacifiers 
  5. Onesie for going home 
  6. Newborn swaddle set with hat + gloves 
  7. Tumbler to drink ALL the water
  8. Infant Carseat 
  9. Boppy Pillow 
  10. Cozy socks with grips 

Also I bring a robe for myself, nursing bra, 2 sets of pajamas, & postpartum “items” like these & this . All of my pajamas, nursing attire & robe are from Kindred Bravely. Use code SOMMER20 for 20% off everything on their site, here! ¬†If all goes according to plan we only stay 1 night in the hospital so I don’t bring¬†too¬†much for myself and baby. The hospital also provides a lot of necessities which is helpful & nice. I bring everything for myself & baby in these packing cubes, too!

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